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Some bathindians have made us proud by publishing websites which are top ranked in their categories. is among the few CBSE websites in the world which are ranked about 1,00,000 among a total of 20 crore websites and blogs
It is the pioneer website in the field of education particularly relating to CBSE (central board of secondary education). It provides CBSE sample papers in mathematics, Science, Social Science, Hindi, Punjabi and English. New CBSE syllabus, New CBSE paper patterns, Previous yearsCBSE board question papers, CBSE results X and X11, Links to download latest online CBSE and NCERT books.Also available new CBSE syllabus 2008, Links for online CBSE and NCERT books, CBSE math manual,It is the only website providing services like' Ask a CBSE mathematics question' and 'CBSE mathematics project help'.
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Visit this website to download CBSE syllabus 2008 class x, CBSE Math Sample Papers, Links to CBSE results 2007.In addition you get top web hosting etc
Visit this website to download CBSE Social Science Sample Papers, CBSE Sample papers in History Geography Economics and Disaster Management available, Links to CBSE results 2007.
Visit this site to get list of top CBSE websites, top CBSE site description and reviews, CBSE syllabus 2008, CBSE Results 2007